Barbeque Social to Attract New Interest

September is traditionally the month where academic routines resume their normal trajectories, and this September was no different. As Yale students settled back onto campus we took the opportunity to host an evening barbeque at our lab in New Haven to serve as a networking event for attracting new student interest. Roughly 30 people came to learn about our past and current research initiatives, and to pitch ideas for future studies. Among many potential areas of research, attendees showed interest in carnivore studies in the Bighorn Mountains, livestock-ungulate interactions on the ranch, working lands finance across the region, and novel strategies for strengthening the economic vitality of the region. Over the coming weeks we will be meeting with interested students to identify concrete ways for them to be involved with UHPSI and work on the High Plains.

Fall networking barbeque at UHPSI's lab in New Haven

Barbeque networking event at UHPSI’s lab in New Haven