Fostering land stewardship and conservation in the American West
through teaching, research, outreach and leadership.



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Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative (UHPSI) within the Yale School of the Environment focuses on stewardship and conservation in the American West. At its core, UHPSI seeks to engage in teaching, research, and outreach on land stewardship, primarily through mentoring students on applied research and management projects with western partners.


Justin Farrell, PhD

Faculty Director
Justin Farrell is a professor and author at Yale University. His research focuses on cultural sociology and environmental politics, with an emphasis on epistemology and moral theory, social conflict, and elites. Justin is a proud first-generation college grad and Wyoming native.

Michelle Downey, MS

Program Director
Michelle worked on range and wildlife issues on public and private lands throughout the West for 8 years. As Program Director, she connects students to projects throughout the West, assists students in developing deliverables for western partners, and conducts research to address land management issues.

Current Students

Current UHPSI Students
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