Annual Report 2019 — Michelle Downey

Please find our 2019 annual report below. We are incredibly grateful for all the partnerships and collaborations that have allowed UHPSI to provide over 65 students with experiential learning opportunities during 2019. Thank you to our students, partners, and supporters! Full PDF 2019 Annual Report here.

Summer 2022 Opportunities

Funded Student Summer Experiences in Colorado Available for 2022!

Developing and Testing Long-term Ecological Monitoring Protocols for Land Practitioners in South-Central Colorado 


Summer Experience Description

During the last year, our YSE team has collected field data at the ranch, studied ecological monitoring strategies, and drafted initial long-term monitoring protocols for the ranch. We are currently seeking Yale students to field test and implement these monitoring protocols at the ranch in Colorado during summer 2022. Student work this summer will directly contribute to our efforts to develop and test monitoring for the ranch and study important land management questions.

The monitoring protocols aim to answer key ecological questions about natural resources at the ranch to inform future land management decisions. Students will implement monitoring over a variety of areas on the ranch, which are likely to include riparian areas, sagebrush ares, and high-elevation forests.

Download the PDF below for more details and learn how to apply.

Western Resources Fellowship- Open for 2022

Big Sandy Lake, Wind River Range. Photo Credit: Carli Kierstead

student-driven query involving research, an internship, or management project during the summer. 

Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative at YSE provides fellows with a financial award, logistical assistance, and mentorship to aid with a summer experience that will have a high impact on conservation, stewardship, or management of natural resources in the Rocky Mountain or High Plains regions. This program supports Yale graduate and undergraduate students completing a summer work that will provide them with practical experience, leadership skills, and/or research experience that will prepare fellows for their future careers. A financial award of up to $8,000 will be granted to each fellow. Fellows will actively participate in peer mentoring with other fellows and will receive guidance from UHPSI staff during the summer.

Read more about past fellows work: 2021 |Past fellowships.

How to Apply
Please apply using the Yale Students Grant Database. More information about applications materials can be found in PDF below along with general fellowship expectations.

View 10-minute presentations by each 2020 Western Resources Fellows by clicking here.

National Forest Foundation Seeking Applications for 2022 Conservation Connect Fellowship Program
With Practicum  

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) invites master’s and doctoral students to apply to the Conservation Connect Fellowship Program.

Conservation Connect Fellowships aim to build experience, knowledge, and skills within the next generation of collaborative and conservation leaders to support each other and advance the field. We are striving to build a cohort of emerging professionals will go on to do important work with communities and public lands in the future!

Do you want to match the knowledge you are acquiring through your academic work with practical, hands-on experience and contribute directly to collaborative stewardship of our National Forests?

Here’s what you will gain by being a Conservation Connect Fellow:

  • Applied experience with conservation programs and projects through a practicum project. For example, depending on the project, fellows may work with diverse stakeholders, support and facilitate collaborative efforts, coordinate and implement projects, conduct research to improve conservation programs, and develop training curricula and strategic communications;
  • Mentoring from skilled conservation professionals at the NFF and other nonprofit host organizations;
  • Trainings in collaborative conservation, facilitation practice, the roles of the National Environmental Policy Act and U.S. Forest Service, and other topics;
  • Real-world understanding of forest and public lands management; and
  • An expanded personal and professional network.

Fellowships include a summer 2022 or academic year 2022-2023 practicum, which may be at a specific location or virtual depending on the project. Fellows will be compensated at a rate of $18/hour for up to 360 hours over the one-year fellowship.

Learn more about this opportunity and former fellows here. The NFF will accept applications through February 18, 2022.

Questions? Email Leah Zamesnik:

Land Management Field Practicum – Canceled for 2022



Ranch Crew: 2018 Overview — Caleb Gray (a Uni. of WY student)

Ranch Crew was an excellent opportunity that I was able to take ahold of, but I was not entirely prepared for what all it entailed. When first glancing over the flyer for it I thought that it might be working as a ranch hand for part of the two weeks, but it was not to Read more about Ranch Crew: 2018 Overview — Caleb Gray (a Uni. of WY student)[…]

The Forks and Fire — Brendan Boepple

Throughout our two weeks with Ranch Crew we became intimate with the Forks Ranch. Assessing ground cover and clipping grasses to measure biomass, we came to understand the natural characteristics of the ranch. We also came to appreciate the deep history of the place through our hosts Cole and Elaine Benton of Grizzly Outfitters. Cole Read more about The Forks and Fire — Brendan Boepple[…]

Changing Perspectives: The Enemy is Everywhere — Reid Lewis

I had the pleasure of arriving to Sheridan, Wyoming via road trip. My father, recently retired, proposed to turn the drive into a camping trip, and he and I spent three great days traveling the plains and mountains of Utah and Wyoming. Passing through Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, the drive was extraordinary. Coming Read more about Changing Perspectives: The Enemy is Everywhere — Reid Lewis[…]

Ranch Crew 2018: An Immersive Experience in Rangeland Ecology and Management — Lexi Smith

June 2018 was Ranch Crew month for several students (including myself), Ucross members, and collaborating partners from ranch managers to plant ecologists. Ranch Crew is not necessarily what it sounds like. It is so much more than that. Ranch Crew is a two-week immersive experience in rangeland ecology, management, and last but not least…culture! Since Read more about Ranch Crew 2018: An Immersive Experience in Rangeland Ecology and Management — Lexi Smith[…]

Plant ID with the Ranch Crew — Katie Panek

During the first week of Ranch Crew, we discovered the joys of Plant ID – or should I say, what is joyful to some (looking at you, Rachel Renne), and painful to others. Our first task was to gather grass from a roadside in the Bighorn Mountains just thirty minutes northwest of Sheridan, WY. The Read more about Plant ID with the Ranch Crew — Katie Panek[…]

Writing the Rapid Assessment — Jordan Skovgard

Making the plan Leading up to our rapid assessment, our team had the opportunity to sit down and talk to many professionals with varying focuses in range management. We participated in classes over varying topics. After learning from so many people we sat down to develop a plan for our rapid assessment. To develop this Read more about Writing the Rapid Assessment — Jordan Skovgard[…]

A lesson about invasive species — Lydia Mendoza

During the first week of ranch crew, we all hopped in the van to visit a ranch not far from Sheridan College. Brian Mealor, a professor at the University of Wyoming and the director of the Sheridan Research and Extension Center, walked us out into the field and spent less than a minute searching the Read more about A lesson about invasive species — Lydia Mendoza[…]

From Classroom to Field: A Trip to Red Canyon Ranch — Jessica Swindon

After spending a week in Sheridan, the crew took off towards Red Canyon Ranch in south central Wyoming. Iron rich, red valleys appropriately give Red Canyon Ranch its name. Owned by The Nature Conservancy, the ranch is used for testing best conservation grazing practices and research. In addition to cattle, the area is home to Read more about From Classroom to Field: A Trip to Red Canyon Ranch — Jessica Swindon[…]

Ranch Crew Introduction — Jeremy Menkhaus

Summer 2017 marked the inaugural Ranch Crew course and, despite the course’s nascency, it felt like anything but Ranch Crew’s first rodeo (although in its future form, hopefully its actual first rodeo event will be incorporated). Ranch Crew is a two-week rangeland practicum in August held across the state of Wyoming. Divided into two primary Read more about Ranch Crew Introduction — Jeremy Menkhaus[…]

Ranch Crew: Applied Field Practicum

August 12-27, 2017 Do you love Western rangelands? Have you ever wondered what goes into managing livestock? Are you interested getting boots on the ground and learning how to assess and advise rangeland operations? Ranch crew is a 16-day intensive practicum based in Wyoming. The practicum is split in two parts. The first part, Rangeland Read more about Ranch Crew: Applied Field Practicum[…]