NEARC Conference Poster Award


Lindsi Seemiller and Devin Routh pose at the end of the day in front of the UHPSI poster. (Photo credit: Henry Glick)


On Tuesday, May 13, UHPSI team members in New Haven—including Henry Glick, Lindsi Seegmiller, and Devin Routh—travelled to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to attend the Northeast Arc Users Group Conference (NEARC). The NEARC Conference describes itself as being for “anyone who wants to see the value [that] GIS technology brings to their own environment and the world”.

As a lab that specializes in all types of spatial and statistical analysis for land stewardship professionals, the UHPSI team submitted a poster highlighting their work with Google Earth Engine focusing on the remote sensing of Leafy Spurge. After spending the day introducing conference attendees to their research, alongside attending a variety of presentations on other topics within the field, they packed up for New Haven with a 2nd place finish in the conference’s poster session competition.

On behalf of the UHPSI team, thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement!