UHPSI research makes a splash at ASLO

Catherine Kuhn recently traveled with Yale FES’ Raymond lab to the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography’s Aquatic Sciences Meeting held in Granada, Spain. She presented a talk covering findings from research conducted with Charlie Bettigole during the summer of 2014. The work focused on changing concentrations of dissolved gases in the Clear Creek watershed. While the movement of gases between freshwater and the atmosphere has been of interest for some time, there is little research exploring the trends in gas concentrations along elevational gradients or in small streams. To date there has been no work conducted in the High Plains region and in the Rocky Mountains at large, there has been only a single (now outdated) study related to gas fluxes in wetlands. This made Catherine’s presentation of particular interest to researchers from around the globe, including researchers working in university settings and UN funded projects. Over the next few months Catherine hopes to spearhead the completion of analysis and manuscript writing, helping bring this work to an even broader audience.

Colby Tucker, Catherine Kuhn, Kelly Aho at ASLO's 2015 Aquatic Science Meeting - photo courtesy of Bryan Yoon.

Catherine Kuh, Colby Tucker, Kelly Aho – photo courtesy of Bryan Yoon.