December 7, 2016

Current Students


Paul Burow, Western Research Fellow | Paul is a Ph.D. student in the combined doctoral degree program between the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Department of Anthropology at Yale. His work focuses on the environmental anthropology of forests, multi-species entanglements, and settler colonialism in North America’s Intermountain West. He will spend the 2017 summer exploring a dissertation project on the social and political life of pine nuts and piñon-juniper woodlands in the Great Basin. He holds a M.E.Sc. from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and a B.A. from the University of California, Davis. See what Paul has been up to. | Blog


Jeffrey Conti, Research Assistant | Jeff has a passion for protecting ecologically and economically vital natural and working lands. At FES, Jeff is focusing on land conservation and management as well as conservation finance. He is currently a research assistant with the Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative, where he works to source potential projects and partnerships for a carbon offset fund. Jeff also writes for the Conservation Finance Network, and serves as a Teaching Fellow for Brad Gentry’s Strategies for Land Conservation course. See what Jeff has been up to.


charlie_fCharlie Faires, Affiliate | With a background in farming, ranching, and wildlife biology, Charlie comes to the UHPSI team with a strong skill-set for problem solving issues of rangeland ecology. A native of North Carolina, Charlie has been splitting time over 2015 between his work as a science-technician at F&ES and in finishing his undergraduate degree at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC. See what Charlie has been up to.


Mark Foster, Research Assistant | Mark is a first-year Master of Forestry student who brings his prior experience as an environmental attorney to bear on current land management issues. As an attorney, Mark focused on emissions issues related to stationary and mobile sources (power plants and cars), permitting of major liquid natural gas projects, national fuel programs, and natural resource conservation. In addition, he has worked on input to developing federal management plans throughout the country, and the application of policies in these plans to current projects and activities. He is focused on practical solutions that meet the needs of the present while anticipating the future. See what Mark has been up to.


Cayley Geffen, Western Research Fellow | Cayley is from San Francisco, California. Currently, in Utah, there is a great deal of political, economic, and social controversy over Former President Obama’s recent designation of Bears Ears National Monument. As a double major in environmental studies and economics and as a passionate outdoor enthusiast with significant ties to Utah, she is very interested in this current national land use issue. During summer 2017, she is researching the natural, social, and political history of the area and interview people from each of the groups involved in the controversy surrounding the designation of Bears Ears as a national monument. She will create a short documentary film and produce written analysis of this topic. See what Cayley has been up to.


Jillian Howell, Research Assistant | Jill is a first year Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Jill graduated from Colby College in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Global Studies. She spent the past five years working as a project scientist at an environmental consulting company in Boston. Her passion is in the intersection of people and their environment, and she came to FES to pursue a career in environmental policy related to natural resource management and environmental justice issues. See what Jill has been up to.


Jaclyn Kachelmeyer, Research Assistant |Jaclyn is a first year Master of Environmental Management Candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Born and raised in Texas, her interest in the West grew out of road trips to visit family in California, crisscrossing through National Parks, ranches, and stretches of sky and land as far as the eye could see. Jaclyn is interested in land use change, agroecology, agroforestry, and carbon sequestration on agricultural and ranch lands. See what Jaclyn has been up to.


Jack Singer, Research Assistant | Jack Singer is a Master of Forestry candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, where he focuses on land management policy and practices. He was previously employed by the Great Basin Institute as the Ecological Monitoring State Coordinator of Wyoming, where supervised monitoring activities over aspen and conifer forests, juniper slopes, riparian zones, sagebrush steppe, and other ecotypes. He is excited to gain experience with forest and land management solutions on multi-use lands in the West. See what Jack has been up to.


Robert Turnbull, Research Assistant | Rob is a Master of Forestry candidate interested in sustainable forest management and forest regeneration. Raised in Connecticut, his academic interests stem from a childhood spent romping through New England’s forests. Rob spent the past few years planting trees, running ornithological surveys throughout Latin America, and working as an arborist.


Ben Williamson, Research Assistant | Ben is a first year Masters in Environmental Management candidate at F&ES interested in socio-ecological systems, focusing on western land conservation and tribal land rights. He is a graduate of the University of Montana, where he received a degree in Ecology and Organismal Biology. Before arriving at F&ES, he worked for the Natural Resources Defense Council on predator livestock conflict reduction projects. He will be working with Dr. Justin Farrell on a spatially explicit data-set of historical and present day tribal land holdings. See what Ben has been up to.


Michelle Winglee, Research Assistant | Michelle Winglee is a Masters of Environmental Science candidate at the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Previously, she worked at a sustainable farm in California, an international think tank in Washington, DC, and in China as a free-lance writer. Michelle received her B.A. from Cornell University where she studied economics and international relations. At Yale, Michelle is exploring the intersection of food and the environment. See what Michelle has been up to.


Franklin Eccher, Research Assistant | Franklin is a junior Environmental Studies BA candidate and Education Studies Scholar at Yale College. His interest in the West stems from his experience growing up in southwest Colorado with two avid fly fishermen parents, and he hopes to work at the intersection of environmental writing and land management in the West. Franklin also spends his time with the club climbing and fly fishing teams, acts as brewmaster for an undergraduate homebrewing club, and does some amateur photography. See what Franklin has been up to.


Brendan Boepple, Research Assistant | Brendan Boepple is a Master of Environmental Management candidate interested in private land and working lands conservation in the American West. Prior to Yale FES he worked at Colorado College‚ Äôs State of the Rockies Project, supervising undergraduate research on topics related to land and water in Colorado. At State of the Rockies, Brendan also oversaw the implementation and release of the annual Conservation in the West Poll–a survey assessing the attitudes of western voters towards environmental and natural resource issues. At UHPSI, he is working with the Nature Conservancy’s Tensleep Preserve to explore native trout reintroduction in Wyoming. See what Brendan has been up to.


Evelyn Rhodes (Sale), Research Assistant | Sale is a first year Master of Environmental Science candidate interested in soil and water quality, particularly with regard to waste products and public health. She previously worked on food waste composting projects for Recology in San Francisco. Sale has previous experience coordinating carbon offset pledges for multi-national organizations and is excited learn more about soil carbon sequestration strategies. Originally from Seattle and a lover of mountains, Sale has an affection for western landscapes. See what Sale has been up to.