Bears Ears Documentary Update – Cayley Geffen

After many interviews, road trips, and discussions, the filming process for the Bears Ears Documentary Project is nearly complete. I have learned so much more than I ever could have imagined about the complex nature of land use politics in the West. I am very much looking forward to watching the many hours of footage Read more about Bears Ears Documentary Update – Cayley Geffen[…]

Bears Ears – Cayley Geffen

Hello! I am having a wonderful start to my summer working on my Bears Ears Documentary Film Project and research project. As many of you know, the recent designation of the Bears Ears National Monument has sparked much debate in Utah and beyond. Recently, Secretary Zinke has decided to review all recent controversial national monuments Read more about Bears Ears – Cayley Geffen[…]

Coexistence in the Northern Rockies – Ross Donihue

“One time I was at my gym in Banff running on the treadmill and I saw a deer giving birth, no one else noticed and I didn’t want to say a thing because I knew everyone would rush over with their cameras. After the fawn was able to take a few steps I exclaimed – Read more about Coexistence in the Northern Rockies – Ross Donihue[…]

Curiosity and Trust – Josh Morse

At the end of the day, I’m an introvert. Perhaps predictably, as I was gearing up to begin this summer’s exceedingly interpersonal field season a few months ago, I found myself getting anxious. I am quite by nature, a New Englander, a liberal, and someone more comfortable with banding birds than branding cattle. A core Read more about Curiosity and Trust – Josh Morse[…]

6/27/16 – Josh Morse

“Be prepared to do a lot of listening”. I’ve gotten this line of advice from every friend, colleague, and mentor who has heard about my work this summer mapping the social, political, and economic context behind the effort to study and conserve the longest big game migration in the lower 48. This reminder of the Read more about 6/27/16 – Josh Morse[…]

“Where there’s just enough civilization” – Sara Rose

  Greetings from Pinedale, Wyoming! “Where there’s just enough civilization,” reads the sign at the entrance to town. Now, I don’t know quite what that means, but I do know there’s just enough mountains, people, cows and water for me to feel at home. I’ve taken to dipping my toes in Pine Creek at least Read more about “Where there’s just enough civilization” – Sara Rose[…]

Update from the field – Becca Shively

  Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!   Unbelievably I’m now into my 6th week working with the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC), based out of Portland. Our small team coordinates a large network of community-based partners throughout the West (80+ entities) who work at the intersection of public lands, natural resource management and economic Read more about Update from the field – Becca Shively[…]

Wildfire, the “Wild West”, and Wyoming’s Wilderness Study Areas – Sara Rose

Greetings from New Haven! My summer in Wyoming has come to a close. I’ve traded sagebrush steppe for industrial seaport, and granite mountains for the filtered light of tree canopies. After our retreat at Spear-O (in the Big Horns) and Ten Sleep Preserve, I lingered in the Powder River Basin for a few days. My Read more about Wildfire, the “Wild West”, and Wyoming’s Wilderness Study Areas – Sara Rose[…]