July 25, 2017


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HydrologyResearch HYDROLOGY • The Ucross Ranch sits atop ancient geologic structures which are constantly altered through the power of water. With loose, exposed, mineral soil dotting the landscape, the Ranch is subject to potentially high levels of erosion in the uplands, reduced ground-water retention, and significant changes in creek and river channel structure. The UHPSI team has a strong interest in evaluating the degree to which changes in land cover and land use affect the hydrologic regime across the Ranch. This topic is addressed through multifaceted GIS modelling, and geo-spatial time-series analysis using historic photographs. Read more…>>


Snowflake Slide SNOW • The Ucross ranch falls within the larger Powder River Basin, a hydrological drainage area that relies heavily on snow melt from the Bighorn Mountains to the West. Each year, snow accumulation and its relative water content changes, contributing different amounts of water to the drainage during the warmer months. As global climatic conditions become more variable, snow and ice qualities become increasingly important to monitor for efficient use of water resources by those who depend on them most. In this way, studies of winter snowpack will serve the farmers and ranchers who depend on it most. Read more…>>