Barbeque Social to Attract New Interest

September is traditionally the month where academic routines resume their normal trajectories, and this September was no different. As Yale students settled back onto campus we took the opportunity to host an evening barbeque at our lab in New Haven to serve as a networking event for attracting new student interest. Roughly 30 people came Read more about Barbeque Social to Attract New Interest[…]

New Manuscript Out for Review

Following on the tails of demographic research and land cover research manuscripts, UHPSI recently completed a new manuscript focused on thematic map accuracy assessment. The nature of scientific research is that while investigating one’s primary area of inquiry one inevitably stumbles upon new ideas. An example of this came as we began the accuracy assessment Read more about New Manuscript Out for Review[…]

Quantifying Sheep Grazing of Leafy Spurge

In coordination with Nathan Lindsey (Manager of Conservation and Stewardship at Apache Foundation), Charlie designed, constructed, and monitored a set of six grazing exclosures on the ranch during July and August, 2014 to begin quantifying the effects of grazing by sheep on leafy spurge. We are hoping that this on-the-ground research will help to enhance Read more about Quantifying Sheep Grazing of Leafy Spurge[…]

Dr. Pete Raymond Visits Ucross

We had the opportunity to host Dr. Pete Raymond, Professor of Ecosystem Ecology at Yale F&ES, and his family (wife Megan and daughter Skyler) during the first week of August this summer. Dr. Raymond’s research focuses on the biogeochemistry of natural systems. He has been working closely with UHPSI’s Catherine Kuhn on understanding dissolved carbon Read more about Dr. Pete Raymond Visits Ucross[…]