Restoring Ranches with Beartooth Capital Partners- Jay Chancellor

As I wrap up my research with Beartooth Capital Partners in Bozeman, Montana, I want to take a moment to reflect on all of the incredible experiences and insights this summer has provided. Beartooth operates with a small but efficient team of just seven people out of an office building in downtown Bozeman. The company Read more about Restoring Ranches with Beartooth Capital Partners- Jay Chancellor[…]

Lucyann Murray- The grass-fed challenge

For those who are familiar with the beef industry, grass-fed and finished beef seems like a no-brainer. Healthier cows, healthier grasslands, healthier people, higher prices… so what’s stopping every rancher from transitioning to grass-finished beef? This is the daunting question I have elected to take on this summer. I think I have the answer then Read more about Lucyann Murray- The grass-fed challenge[…]