The Batman Effect – Adam Eichenwald

Fun fact: a gyrfalcon flying at 200 mph hits HARD. Plus, it likes to pluck the feathers from birds it kills. So in the spots where a gyrfalcon has attacked, it looks like a bird exploded. Exhibit A: this picture of me taking a GPS point at what I will now refer to as a Read more about The Batman Effect – Adam Eichenwald[…]

Fox Time – Adam Eichenwald

I interrupt my own blog posts to bring you this special news bulletin: yesterday I made a fox poop itself in fear. I was collecting data near a dirt road and watched, bemused, as a red fox came jogging up the path toward me. I had my camera and started snapping pictures. “Wow, it’s so Read more about Fox Time – Adam Eichenwald[…]

The Science of Snowmelt: An Interactive Story Map – Taylor Ganz

Check out this interactive story map about the exciting research done by Taylor Ganz, 2016 Western Research Fellow and graduating MESc student from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. She traveled to the high peaks of the Wind River Range, WY to study how air pollution is stored in snowmelt and delivered to Read more about The Science of Snowmelt: An Interactive Story Map – Taylor Ganz[…]

Midnight Musings in the Land of the Midnight Sun – Adam Eichenwald

So I’ve been trying to think of a way to start these posts off, like a signature of some kind. Considered doing a different variation of “hello from the edge!” every time, but that would probably get old quickly. Guess I’ll just have to come up with a new gimmick. Maybe next time I’ll just Read more about Midnight Musings in the Land of the Midnight Sun – Adam Eichenwald[…]

Announcing the 2017 Western Research Fellows

We’re pleased to announce eleven recipients of this year’s Western Research Fellowship. Topics span the range of issues affecting land management in the west from sustainable grazing wtih Bison, to predator-prey interactions, to invasive species, to grazing issues on public lands.Stay tuned for more updates on our blog this summer as students hit the field Read more about Announcing the 2017 Western Research Fellows[…]

The edge of the world – Adam Eichenwald

Hello from the edge! After a wonderful marathon of sleep, I am finally set up at base camp in Alaska and working out the kinks in my research. I’m incredibly far up north, to the point where the sun doesn’t set until after 11pm and gets up around 6am – and this is months before Read more about The edge of the world – Adam Eichenwald[…]

Alaska Bound – Adam Eichenwald

I’m sitting in the Seattle airport waiting for my next flight, which is in 6 hours. It’s late, I’m sleep deprived, and frankly a little bored. So I figured I’d start working on my small section of the Internet to scribble the vague thoughts that pop into my head, discuss what it’s like to perform Read more about Alaska Bound – Adam Eichenwald[…]