Now Hiring Students and Open House

Ucross High Plain Stewardship Initiative (UHPSI) is now HIRING graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in courses to work as research assistants or speaker coordinators during the academic year (September/Oct 2020– May 2021). Projects focus on applied conservation and stewardship issues in the West and collaborate with western partners. All work will be completed remotely. 

  • Information on how to apply and projects available can be found here.
  • Applications due September 9 2020 by 11:59PM

Description: Research assistants work on a western partner driven project that matches student with western leaders in need of conservation assistance in order to develop practical solutions. Students work in pairs typically to tackle a diversity of interdisciplinary project that span the biophysical, social, economic, cultural, and policy fields. Students typically work 3-5 hours/week remotely and are paid $15/hour while completing projects during September-May. Please direct questions to

UHPSI Virtual Open House

UHPSI director, Michelle Downey, will host a Open House on September 4 at 11am. Michelle review UHPSI programs offered and answer questions from students. Zoom info is below is you would like to join: