Supporting Climate Action in King County, WA

This summer, Ingrid is working with the Executive Climate Office of King County (Washington) on three projects related to addressing climate change at the county level: 1) contributing to an initial draft of the next 5-year Strategic Climate Action Plan for the county; 2) writing a user guide to accompany a new urban heat mapping tool to be used by local jurisdictions and community organizations to better prepare residents for intensifying summer heat, especially those residents most vulnerable to effects of extreme heat; and 3) researching options for a future “climate dashboard” to track and communicate progress and achievements and increase the office’s transparency and accountability. With King County leading the state and the region on addressing climate change and equity in tandem, Ingrid hopes to learn and distill key takeaways from her summer embedded in the Executive Climate Office that can help inform how local governments across the West can foster empowered and resilient communities.


Ingrid Thyr, Western Resource Fellow | Ingrid is a Master of Environmental Management candidate specializing in ecosystem management and conservation. Before coming to Yale School of the Environment, she lived in Montana and Minnesota and worked in outdoor education and cross-country ski raced professionally. She completed her B.A. in environmental studies and mathematics from Williams College. She is excited to combine her passions for data, people, and the outdoors to better understand how to contribute to sustainable and equitable communities and ecosystems.  See what Ingrid has been up to.   |  Blog