Ucross mead a hit at annual Christmas party


Custom labels designed for the first run of UHPSI mead

After several months of careful monitoring, the mead that was produced during a summer-time pollinator presentation and workshop event made its way from 5-6 gallon carboys to bottles. The mead, which was produced using honey from the Ucross Ranch, was served at this year’s annual Ucross Christmas Party and fireworks show. Charlie set up a tasting station and served over 150 people who expressed interest. The mead was a big hit, both because of its deliciousness and because it served as an apt reminder of the many value-added products that are possible on the High Plains. We received many inquiries about whether or not we would be selling mead in the future. While we have no plans to set up a formal meadery at the present time, the enthusiasm has led us to consider a variety of future workshops that might generate interest from the local communities.

Freshly labeled bottles ready to be filled