Rethinking Greenhouse Construction

In our recent stakeholder meeting, a few participants spent time discussing the application of season extension practices to enhance crop production in the region. These practices enable crops to be grown for a longer period of time each year, increasing overall yields and spreading out income-generating periods. In these regions, light is often blamed for Read more about Rethinking Greenhouse Construction[…]

Farmers and Ranchers are Getting Older

UHPSI is concluding a short-term study looking at the changing demographics among farm and ranch operators across the state of Wyoming. Using agricultural records dating back to the 1920s, it has been possible to extract meaningful statistics on how these groups have changed over time. Here we show the change in the average age of Read more about Farmers and Ranchers are Getting Older[…]

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Dueling pronghorns

We woke up on our last day in Ucross to a September snowstorm! On our way to the airport with Mike Latham, we came upon two battling male pronghorn antelope! Unfazed by our presence, they fought for dominance just a couple dozen feet from us. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

Sandhill cranes

The sand hill crane is a common resident of Wyoming during summer breeding seasons. These elegant birds have distinct vocalizations that can be heard from miles away. Sand hill cranes nest in open grasslands, meadows, wetland, and riparian areas. We’ve seen a number of breeding pairs around the ranch, including many with small offspring!

Ucross historical map

History! In 1932, an Iowa land company decided to build a town at the junction of routes 14 and 16, the current location of Ucross. Despite obtaining permits and drafting detailed plans, development never occurred. Many years later, Mike (an employee of Ucross Foundation) and Lynn Latham discovered that their recently purchased, undeveloped, agricultural land Read more about Ucross historical map[…]